Who are we?

Our aim is to build a cohesive platform that prompts our customers towards seamless money transactions.


We want the best for our people

Our customers mean the most to us and that’s the reason why we started Empireremit.

We understand that the market is already saturated with tons of platforms guaranteeing a smooth international money transfer. With Empireremit, we wanted to bridge the long gap between our customers.

Why did we start?

Because we value your time and money.

The world will transform into a complete online community soon, is what we know for sure. This may invite unwelcomed frauds and illegal activities online.

Therefore, it was crucial for us to build a platform that is secure and safeguarded from unlawful activities.

Enters Empireremit.

What are our goals?

To revolutionize the way you send money!

Our vision is to bring people closer with seamless financial solutions and ease at your fingertips.